Rocky Linux 9.3 Available Now

Rocky Linux 9.3 has been released. See our release announcement for more details.

Thank you for supporting Rocky Linux!

Release Engineering @ The Rocky Linux Project


Thanks Rocky Linux Team!


Much, much thanks! Running it now with KDE re-installed.

Very happy!

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Would be great if you can also release the Docker images at the same time.
They are still not available.

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Heya - Sorry about that. I was working on it last week but was pulled away on with family stuff. They should be available by this afternoon on docker hub and quay–library images will take a bit longer as they need to be pushed by Docker itself.

We are working on automation for the next release so this is not a manual process.

Thank you for your patience.


Thank you team for your efforts . Much appreciated.

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Awesome release! Nice work team.

Hello there, I just have a question. I hope perhaps @nazunalika or someone else in this forum can help me with this:
I managed to run the Linux Rocky 9 installer on my Mac Pro 2009 and write the system on its boot drive, to use Linux as my only operating system on that machine.
The problem is that after completing the installation and pressing the “reboot” button, my computer fails to boot altogether. Previously I’ve installed Linux Mint and then, after formatting the drive, I installed Fedora. Both systems booted and seemed to work well. My objective is to run DaVinci Resolve and that didn’t run well on Mint or on Fedora, so I’ve insisted with the Rocky 8 and Rocky 9 installers, but I with both versions I find the same dead end: the computer fails to boot after installing the Rocky OS.
I’ve found a reference to a “–nomacboot” flag in the Rocky installer and I’m wondering if that’s the cause for this problem. I also wonder if there’s a solution to: 1) either modify some lines in the installer code and re-install or 2) use a USB Linux installer demo OS and use terminal to access my boot hard drive and add or modify the boot code (GRUB) so that my Mac Pro can boot the Rocky 9 system, including GUI.
Thanks in advance