Need help RHEL9 install on Mac pro late 2013

i want RHEL9 install on Mac pro late 2013. but break on the usb install boot progress… need help

That is an incredibly low amount of information. Please provide more information.

  • How did you create the installer USB?
  • How did you boot?
  • Did the Rocky installer start?
  • What options did you configure in the installer? If you didn’t perform any additional configuration (other than user accounts and disks), please ignore this question.
  • What was the last step shown under the progress bar, before the installer failed?

I also need help to install Rocky 9.2 to a MAC PRO late 2013. I have installed Rocky before on windows PC. but I can’t reclaim the disk space on the MAC PRO. Look at the images attached. I need to reformat the disk to allow Rocky to work with it. Rocky can’t delete and reclaim the ssd/disk space