MAC PRO late 2013 (intel silicon)

Need help to install Rocky 9.2 to a MAC PRO late 2013. I have installed Rocky before on an intel commodity server. but I can’t reclaim the disk space on the MAC PRO. I need to reformat the disk to allow Rocky to work with it. Rocky can’t delete and reclaim the ssd/disk space.

You want to erase MacOS and install Rocky?
Is this an Intel Mac or an M1 Mac?

I have installed RL 8 and 9 on a number of Mac minis and there is one trick that I have discovered. If you swap in a fresh disk which has not had macOS installed previously, the RL installer can’t do anything with the disk space and partitioning fails. If the disk has had macOS installed previously, the partitioning works as expected. The workaround that I have used with success on systems with a fresh, unformatted disk swapped in is to install Fedora on the system, then install RL over Fedora. My theory for this is that Fedora can place a working EFI boot partition on a fresh disk while RL cannot. Placing the EFI boot partition on the disk is not necessary if it had macOS installed previously. This issue was cause for serious head scratching for quite some time before I noticed this behavior. This issue will bite you if you swapped a new SSD into the Mac Pro.

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