Error Checking Storage Configuration

I am new to Linux and wanting to install Rocky Linux 9.2 on my iMac 2019:

Spec: Intel 8xCorei9, 1TB SSD drive, 128GB RAM, Radeon Pro Vega 48 8GB

I have wiped my drive clean, however I am not sure what method to use to erase the drive using MacOS disk utility APFS.

When I get to the installation screen, depending on how I have formatted the drive, Rocky Linux only detects around 1GB free each time.

When I select Automatic, Delete All and Reclaim all space, it still says I only have around 1GB free. I then receive the error message Error Checking Storage Configuration.

Is there something I am doing wrong here?


Any ideas?

I think I’ve solved the problem. I clicked Full Disk Summary and Boot Loader and removed the selected disk from the list.
Then went back through automatic partitioning and it seems to have worked.


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OK, it looks as though by deleting the entry, it does not create a boot loader, so I’m back to same issue.

I did go into error message details:

Resource to create this format macefi is unavailable

Any suggestions please.