Installation of monitoring tools

Just finished installing Rocky 8.4 GA release in a V Box and I managed to install and configure Nagios 4.4.6 and Zabbix 5.0 . Everything is working properly.


Nice to know, might have to try Zabbix sometime.

I personally use CheckMK, with the appropriate check-mk-agent for monitoring. There’s a ton of plugins as well for additional application monitoring. It can also use Nagios plugins if a native CheckMK one isn’t available. I tested CheckMK 2.0.0p6 with Rocky, installs fine and works good so far.


Thank you iwalker for your information.
I never heard of CheckMK but I will try.

i used Zabbix a long time ago which is great , now i mainly use pandoraFMS , just give it a try , it a wonderful solution and very easy to install and manage

good luck

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I tried it long time before. I will see.

Thanks for your suggestion

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my pleasure :slightly_smiling_face:

let us know when you test it

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We had some people interested in running OpenNMS on Rocky Linux as well and we got positive feedback that OpenNMS Horizon 28+ with the RHEL/CentOS instructions work without any issues.

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This is good to hear. My shop is currently using Xymon for monitoring (and I can confirm that the xymon-client from Terabithia installs beautifully on Rocky), but we’ve been waiting for Rocky GA to begin exploring a transition to Zabbix. Glad to know @beniksh has already gotten to this, and it’s proven to work as expected!

Hello iwalker,

I was installing and configuring CheckMK v.2 with Rocky. Everything was fine, easy to install and configure.

Thank you!

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