Mkfs.ntfs: command not found

Hi, I’m relatively new to Linux and I’m trying to format a drive array as NTFS so I can access it from both windows and rocky. When trying to use sudo mkfs.ntfs /dev/md0 I get the error sudo: mkfs.ntfs: command not found.

I thought I didn’t have ntfs-3g, but sudo dnf install ntfs-3g returns Package ntfs-3g-2:2022.10.3-1.el9.x86_64 is already installed.. Any ideas?

dnf install epel-release
dnf install ntfsprogs

What happens when you create an xfs filesystem on your raid device instead, just as a test? A Linux software raid device is probably not going to show up in Windows unless Windows has software to read Linux mdadm raid devices, not sure what the idea is behind what you are trying to do?

I am dual booted with windows and have a raid to go along with it. I just wanted a raid that could be used on both, that’s the reason I wanted to use ntfs. Your earlier solution worked perfectly for getting the command.

I haven’t tried opening the raid on windows just yet.

That won’t work. Since you mentioned dev/md0, that is a LINUX software raid (the raid driver is in the linux kernel), therefore you won’t see or otherwise access it on Windows.

Thank you, I realized I will need to make a hardware RAID rather than a software RAID