Can't Create Raid1 based Rocky Install

Hi Everyone,

I’ve tried using a Live disc and the first time I did this the main installer saw the md0 - I needed to reconfigure the hardware - and unfortunately after trying again no matter what I do, I cannot get the installer to see the md0 -

I have an sda disk that I want to use as boot, then /root /home /swap on the md0 - can anyone guide me to an instructions that will work for this type of install - I am hopefully looking to improve the file system performance when using the device as well as give it shot of redundancy - any help very gratefully received - I am converting my skills here :slight_smile:

Some questions:

How did you create your md0? Previous version of Rocky/CentOS/RH or some other distro?
Does the live installer “see” the component disks of your md0? Or nothing at all?
It sounds like you have a previous installation that you want to upgrade. Can you get back to that installation and, if so, does md0 appear and is normal?

Hi Dave,

I created it with an XFCE Rocky Live ISO, the main Rocky 9.2 installer sees the component disks but not the md0 -

As I need to use the installer to see the md0 I cant save the config after any reboot the md0 is gone it seems

Thanks for your reply!

It has been a while (CentOS 7) since I’ve done an install to “real” hardware (not a VM) with existing software RAID 1 disks. I vaguely remember that there is an option when choosing destination drives for the install to select “add drive”. An option within the “add drive” is to pick your existing RAID 1 pair or set up a RAID 1 pair as a new destination. Either way, you then set up your mount point destinations on the RAID 1 pair. The gotcha is that you probably want to have /home not get formatted but everything else gets formatted prior to the install. If you didn’t set up a separate partition for /home with your XFCE install, you can’t preserve /home.

Hi Dave - the solution is to go into Manual mode and there you can create the raid :slight_smile: It seems pretty well hidden you have to go through RHEL solutions to find the answer - now to make it boot :slight_smile:

That sounds about right. I get to go through the same process here shortly. I have my home server and my desktop with Linux software RAID 1 but on CentOS 7. They get upgraded to Rocky 9 shortly. I seem to recall that getting a RAID 1 partition to be bootable is fairly easy. grub didn’t always understand RAID so you had to use LiLo with RAID 1 but that was back a long time ago.

The “Customized partitioning” checkbox? I do always use that in every install.

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