Ntfsfix command

I make a cleanb install of 8.5 version and installed epel-release and ntfs-3g packages
But the command ntfsfix aren’t avaliable.
Someone know how fix ?


Please try:

sudo dnf install ntfsprogs

Thanks Tom.

You know that the name of command is ‘ntfsfix’. A name of file (or directory).
Which packages in known&enabled repositories provide such file?

dnf provides */ntfsfix

Lets widen the query to all filenames that start with ‘ntfs’

dnf provides */ntfs\*

Too much? We know that it is executable, so probably in one of the sbin or bin directories:

dnf provides *bin/ntfs\*

I think it is the slash in the search-exp that makes dnf look from paths.
Otherwise the seach is from the “Provides” section of RPM metadata.

Thanks for the help, fixed

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