OS Patching Steps

Hi, Can someone help me with steps to involve rocky linux patching.

What are you referring to by “patching”? Patching packages, or installing security patches, or what?

Thanks for the response brian .

Am looking for security patches

To list available security patches, use dnf updateinfo list security. You can also use one of the verbose options for more information on the updates (info instead of list, etc. dnf update info --help for more on that.)

To install just security patches, one can use dnf update --security.

The simplest approach is to run sudo dnf up regularly and reboot, if the updated packages require it.
For the latter, see https://access.redhat.com/solutions/27943

The dnf up --security is like dnf up, but includes only packages that are marked to provide security patches. But, why exclude other packages; they could have solid bug fixes?