Patching using repo server and Inventory

Hello, we are using Rockylinux9.
and we are updating the patches using the repo server.
however I merely wanted to know how we may have a display of inventory. What patches are and aren’t installed? specially For security patches?
In short, is there something on Rockylinux9 , similar to WSUS on Windows. or a Red Hat Satellite Server on linux.?

To see if there are any security patches that can/need to be applied you can do:

$ sudo dnf updateinfo list security all


When there are patches for source code, a new version of package is built and added to the repo.
One either does, or does not have the latest available version of each package installed.

If there are newer versions available, then they can be seen with:

dnf check-update

Packages do contain changelog. You can read those with ‘rpm’ (from installed packages). Example:

rpm -q --changelog kernel-core | less