Security update tagging

Hi, I have switched from RHEL 9 to Rocky Linux 9 recently and just noticed that patches categorised by RedHat as “important” security updates are treated by Rocky as bugfix updates. Is this as intended?

What I’ve tried to confirm:
On rocky:

  • ran “dnf updateinfo security” and got no updates back.
  • confirmed by looking at cockpit “update page”.

On rhel:

  • Did the same as on rocky.
  • Multiple updates that are tagged as bug-fixes in Rocky are tagged as security updates in rhel.

Related to this: I’ve noticed that there are no update changelogs in the cockpit interface in Rocky, but there are in RHEL, is there a way to add them there?

Hi @rockyrocks,

Rocky 9 currently does not have errata support. We’re totally aware of the need though and are in the design stage for a Peridot (our build system) integration.