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I have been looking for some Rocky-specific information about packages updates and patches, but I could not find anyting about it. I have seen that the repositories contain a folder called “kicstarted” which I figure that contains a snapshot of the original release, and I have also see an “os” containing more version from original packages. This versións are the updates? are aligned with RHEL versions?. I do not lnow if there is any kind of patching system (security patches for instance) and how it works if any.

I apreciate any usefullinformation about these subjects.

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The kickstart is indeed the content of initial release. A snapshot. Handy, if you need to (re)install exact same content.

The os is what the dnf is configured to look from. It starts as copy of kickstart, but updates are added into it.

Note: CentOS Linux 7 has base and updates repos. The first is like the kickstart and the second has only updates. The yum in CL7 is configured to use both.

Thanks for your response. AFAIK RHEL has some updates labeled as somethig similar to “security patche”, and that allows yum/dnf to apply updates only if they has that “tag”. I supose that this behaviour is the same for Rocky. Is that correct?.

On the other hand… We can expect that all updated packages from RHEL has its corresponding package inside Rocky. Is this also correct?.

Thanks in advance, this topic is very important for us. Sorry if questions are too evident.

RHEL repositories indeed have metadata “tags” to flag some packages. See https://access.redhat.com/solutions/10021
I can’t tell whether Rocky’s repos have them. I know that CentOS repos do not.

Yes, Rocky builds packages as quickly as it can from the RHEL sources that Red Hat releases.

Thanks again :smiley: . Someone could confirm if that metadata is included inside Rocky’s repos? or simply someone could direct me to the apropiate documentation.

It is there, you can find it in the repodata/ folder, if you want to see the details.

You can just run dnf updateinfo list to check for pending updates.

I made a more in-depth comment over here - if it is helpful!

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Thank you very much guys, all the information you have provide me is very usefull, I have checked all the tips you suggested me and I think that it can help us to have a better undestanding on this subject.

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