Is there other choice than ntfs-3g

Hello everyone

is there other way to read/write to ntfs partition other than ntfs-3g

if there one that can format it it would be awesome

week ago i got issue while copy to ntfs an power failure happen so when i start the machine again i find the folder empty and when try to delete using the gui it does not do anything and the nautilus process take 12% of the process

i close it and tried to delete it from command line and it keep telling me that the folder is not empty even i am using -r option for the rm

i boot into usb that has windows 10 and i can see the files in the folder with no issue (ofcourse there uncompleted file) i deleted the folder with no issue

so if anyone face this case and know how to solve it that would be much appreciated

thanks again and have a nice day :slight_smile: