How to access NTFS usb drive in Rocky Linux 9

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How to access NTFS usb drive in Rocky Linux 9?
I installed Rocky Linux release 9.0 (Blue Onyx) in VMware machine, but
when I plug a usb drive, Rocky Linux can’t open the files from my usb.
I already installed ntfs-3g but still I can’t open any usb drive in my Rocky Linux 9.
Please help.

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Start by checking the logs at the exact moment that you plug in the usb drive.

Hi gerry666uk,
I can not find any error messages when I plug the usb device to my Rocky Linux.
How to check the logs of the usb drive?

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I re installed rocky linux 9 in my other pc, this time I found error message.
Error mounting dev/sdb1
Error is, unknown file system type ‘nttfs3,ntfs’.

Please see attached file.
Please help.

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It looks like the USB part is working, it just doesn’t like the filesystem.
Are you sure you installed the ntfs driver to this new PC?

cat /proc/filesystems

You are mounting in GUI, which uses different subsystems to mounting as root in a console.
In the GUI, see ‘man gio’, and for the console see ‘man mount’ and ‘-t fstype’

I did not yet installed the ntfs driver to my new pc.
How to install the ntfs driver?

[marben@localhost ~]$ cat /proc/filesystems
nodev	sysfs
nodev	tmpfs
nodev	bdev
nodev	proc
nodev	cgroup
nodev	cgroup2
nodev	cpuset
nodev	devtmpfs
nodev	configfs
nodev	debugfs
nodev	tracefs
nodev	securityfs
nodev	sockfs
nodev	bpf
nodev	pipefs
nodev	ramfs
nodev	hugetlbfs
nodev	devpts
nodev	autofs
nodev	mqueue
nodev	selinuxfs
nodev	pstore
nodev	fuse
nodev	fusectl
nodev	rpc_pipefs
[marben@localhost ~]$ 

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dnf install epel-release
dnf install ntfs-3g

The ntfs-3g package is in EPEL repository, so the first command installs that. The second installs the NTFS package.

iI will try that.
Thank tou very much for replying.

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It works.
Thank you very much.

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