RAID 1 and RAID 10 Array Creation and Maintenance

I’m curious how RAID arrays are created and maintained in Rocky Linux. My searches show software raid would normally be done via mdadm. I noticed that I was able to easily select the disks I wanted when running the gui setup. However, mdadm was not natively available and when running commands post installation I show these are not md disks. Please point me to some documentation for rebuilding the array post installation. Also curious if rebuilds can be automatic and if various RAID levels are an option. Rocky seems to be employing a default of RAID 1?

I can’t tell what you have now. lsblk might reveal some details.

Red Hat has Chapter 19. Managing RAID Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 | Red Hat Customer Portal

Tangentially related, but I’ve found the following page handy for dealing with mdadm.

Generally you should be able to select the software tools you need during the installation of the OS. Just look for mdadm there.

Besides that, consider your hardware. Servers often already have a Hardware RAID controller, & there you would setup the array using that, before even starting the OS installation. You will just need to have support for that controller in the Kernel. Other servers & also PC’s include Fake-RAID controllers. If that is the case make sure you have disabled the functions of those in your Server’s/PC’s BIOS. OS Software RAID is more reliable, & usually also performs better.