Help please! Need MS fonts

I just got into rocky linux and am working on an assignment that needs MS fonts.
I tried :

dnf install xorg-x11-font-utils

No match for argument: xorg-x11-font-utils
Error: Unable to find a match: xorg-x11-font-utils

I am really in a rush, so I would really be happy if someone could help me out

See this page: in particular:

maybe it’s just enough to install mkfontscale:

[root@rocky9 ~]# dnf search mkfontscale
Last metadata expiration check: 2:21:48 ago on Sat 03 Sep 2022 03:07:39 PM CEST.
====================== Name Exactly Matched: mkfontscale =======================
mkfontscale.x86_64 : Tool to generate legacy X11 font system index files

In Rocky8 the xorg-x11-font-utils exists, so since you didn’t mention which version of Rocky, assumed you mean Rocky9 as it doesn’t have that package.

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Ahh yes sorry about not stating the version of Rocky linux

I just tested trying to build the rpm (on an AlmaLinux VM) and using the fc34 srpm which I got from it built without any problems. Actually, if you can find the specific font you want in an rpm, you probably don’t have to go to that trouble, I would bet that downloading the rpm and doing sudo rpm -ivh <fontname.rpm> would work.