Using Texlive on Rocky Linux 9

Hi gang,
Over the last three days, I have struggled to get texlive, pdflatex, and a LaTeX editor on Rocky 9 (I use an HTML / LaTeX based searchable command line knowledge base that I built).
These are the basic steps that I used (did not take notes as I did it (sorry))
installed epel-release

sudo dnf install epel-release

installed texlive-*

sudo dnf install texlive-*

installed kile (from epel)

sudo dnf install kile

installed okular

sudo dnf install okular

sudo dinf okular-*

At this point I could run (if I remember correctly) kile, but kept getting “cannot find file comment.sty” and other errors. I finally ran across a comment in a linux / LaTeX forum that told me to create a folder ~/texmf/tex/latex , and put all the *.sty files etc. there. I tried to download these from one of the TUG mirrors and untar the tar.xz files. I kept getting file errors, and finally cheated (copied all the files from /usr/share/texlive/texmf-dist/latex (think that was the path) from a debian installation with a full texlive install and copied to the above mentioned folder (~/texmf/tex/latex) and now I can use kile seemlessly.
If this saves anyone some time, or helps, I am glad.

‘texlive’ itself comes with Rocky 9, so it’s worth checking if texlive is working correctly regardless of other packages.

LaTeX, like many applications, does search its “packages” from multiple locations. The content from RPMs is in system directories. Ideally, all “texlive packages” are available as RPM packages (but EL is not comprehensive). There might me chance to set up additional location for “site” or “project”, and then there is the ~/texmf. Each user can put their own content there. I have long forgotten the exact syntax.

[el9]$ dnf list texlive\* | grep -c texlive
[el9]$ dnf --enablerepo=epel list texlive\* | grep -c texlive

and none of them provides the “comment”.

[el7]$ yum list texlive\* | grep -c texlive
[el7]$ yum --enablerepo=epel list texlive\* | grep -c texlive

EPEL 7 has texlive-comment and texlive-comment-doc.

In other words, EPEL builds “comment” for el7, but not for el9.
The appropriate action is to create EPEL request for el9 version of texlive-comment (and other missing packages).

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