Nkf ( Japanese KANJI-tools ) needed

Some topics Told us “nkf” is included powertools , Rocky 9 told su

powertools in “crb”
is nkf included in crb? or Other way to install nkf?

our server some times convert KANJI ( s-jis to UTF8 or more) using nkf .
( GitHub - nurse/nkf: Network Kanji Filter )
some one find nkf on Rocky 9 linux, I did " dnf list | grep nkf " , not found.
let us show some advice
Thansk and regards!

nkf is in EPEL.

dnf install epel-release -y
dnf install nkf
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Thanks a lot.

$ dnf list | grep nkf
nkf.x86_64 1:2.1.4-23.el9 @epel
$ sudo find / | grep nkf

We got nkf
Thansk !

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