Xpad on Rock 9 (workstation)

I have Xpad running on my old Rocky 8. I’ve recently switched to Rocky 9 (workstation). I’m unable to install Xpad on the Gnome. Need help to get Xpad installed.

Xbox controller driver?
Note writing application?
Something else?

I found this online -->xpad-5.8.0-2.fc37.x86_64.rpm. Then ran…
sudo dnf localinstall xpad-5.8.0-2.fc37.x86_64.rpm

It works!!

It’s a sticky note app for gnome…

Instead of blindly installing binary Fedora rpms you would be better off to recompile the .src.rpm and install that. Then you’ll know that it’s linked with the libraries that actually exist on Rocky.

I recompile Fedora rpms for Rocky on a semi-regular basis when there’s something that I want to use but I don’t just install a Fedora binary rpm. With the exception of something like Google Chrome, which is specially compiled (statically linked) to work with a variety of Linux rpm-based systems.

I’m not blindly installing binary RPMs!!
Rocky Linux like RHEL uses Fedora for upstream resources. RH created Fedora as a testing ground for RHEL. Which binary one choose is important. I choice Rocky Linux because Centos was my go to OS. I can’t recompile apps every time I needed to install something. That’s why I’ve installed things like elrepo.rep and epel.repo because these binaries are compatible with RHEL (therefore Rocky Linux). What will you do if a recompiled outputs flagged warnings? Would you use the binary output? There are community bug tracking at Fedora. Trust your community users. By using the binary, I’m contributing to the community.

@kyiu you missed the point that @FrankCox was trying to make.

Fedora makes packages for Fedora. Whilst the testing filters down to RHEL9, it doesn’t mean they are the same. For example, Fedora 37 has glibc-2.36. Whereas Rocky 9 has glibc-2.34. If a RPM is built to work against glibc-2.36 then it’s not designed to work with older versions of glibc. Whilst some rpm’s will install and work, there are some cases where they won’t. In which case, you have to get the src rpm and build it for the distribution you want to run it on - so that it’s built against glibc-2.34 or other libraries. In some/most cases, epel, elrepo, rpmfusion will have rpm’s built. In some cases they are not. In which case you try to build yourself or request epel or other repos to add it to their repositories, or use a distribution that already has them built, like use Fedora because it has rpms that other distros do not have.

If you open a bug report saying that the Fedora rpm doesn’t work on Rocky 9, then neither Rocky or Fedora are going to help you fix it. Rocky won’t help because it’s not designed to run on Rocky, and Fedora won’t help because they designed it to run on Fedora, not on other distributions.

By using the binary you aren’t actually contributing anything. You are just using it. Contributing means doing things for the community, helping out, fixing things ,etc, etc. If you are using it to test it, and report feedback on how it works, then you are contributing. But then, the feedback is only helpful for the distribution it was designed to run on.

You can’t be serious… Every time someone wanted to install an application they have to recompile it before it can be used? If that’s is the case Linux as an OS would have cease to exist a long time ago. Glibc is a runtime library. Not used during compiling…bad example. The whole Linux kernel and its run time environment is mostly identical to on all the distros. The dependents differences varies by distros only to the file locations and/or name. That is the job of RPM or YUM to make sure all the dependents are met before the installation.

Xpad is a small desktop utility. A more complicated programs like mysql and many web based server will be impossible to install if it has to be recompiled. I’m hosting several cloud server online. Not only they’ll be impossible to run if the server has to be recompiled. The sever would be so big it will be most costly to operate on the web. I started on Linux way back in 1996. Not saying I’m a Linux expert. But I’m no slouch either. I’d not try installing thing like libreoffice, freecad and many more from the source. It’s impossible!!!

Just so that you know, app such as Zimbra, Nextcloud are all referenced to CentOS. There aren’t any Rocky Linux version exists. These are the two apps I’m running on the cloud.

You are either not reading what we told you or you’re not understanding what we wrote.

Nobody is saying that you have to recompile every application before you can use it. That’s what distribution images and software repositories are for.

However, as you have noticed, not every single program that exists is currently found in one of those places. In those cases one possible solution is to recompile a source rpm for Fedora if a compatible Fedora rpm exists. This solution is used by many people, including me. A lot of Fedora stuff will compile right out-of-the-box, sometimes there’s a bit of patching or editing of the spec file that’s needed, and occasionally it won’t compile at all without major surgery that can be more work than it’s worth (depending on how badly you need it).

And incidentally, glibc is an excellent example since literally everything on a Linux system links to it. “Universal” binaries like Google Chrome or the Libreoffice that’s available from the libreoffice website use static linking, which is part of what makes them universal, but most programs on most Linux systems are dynamically linked for reasons of efficiency. Dynamically linked programs requires less disk space and ram than statically linked programs.

This is a complete waste of time for both of us. You’re saying one thing and I’m saying something else. What ever you’re saying, I won’t try to recompile an open source program before using it - whether you think I doing it blink folded or not. I’ve done that in the past and it’s a complete waste of time. If the binary exist I’ll try to install it. If not, I’ll wait until it does. Lets stop…let’s not try to be on top of each other.

As I said, you can either build it yourself or wait until someone does it or ask/request for it to be added to epel or whatever. If you want to use the Fedora ones, fine, but if it doesn’t work, as I said Fedora will tell you it’s not designed for Rocky, and Rocky would also say the same. Since you said you’ll wait, then that matches what I said in my post.

Whether you build it yourself or not, or wait for someone else to do it that is your choice, depending on how urgent you want to use something that doesn’t exist or doesn’t work when you install it.

We were trying to explain the situation so you understand why problems can exist using rpm’s that are not designed for Rocky, but you don’t want to hear or accept that.

It’s possible, I have done it for Libreoffice, but it’s time consuming at least for compile time.

Yes there are, I built Zimbra for Rocky Linux 8. See here to download a build: https://linuxsolutions.org/ or here for my Zimbra Build Scripts so that you can do it yourself: GitHub - ianw1974/zimbra-build-scripts: Zimbra Build Helper Script - makes it easier to build Zimbra

Zimbra only build the commercial one for a long time now. They don’t build the OSE or FOSS version anymore, meaning people have to do it themselves if they want it. I added Rocky support to my build scripts until Zimbra actually patched their build repos to support it. Whilst Zimbra allow an override parameter to install on other distros it doesn’t always work.

If you search for my posts, I’ve zimbra posts long before this post exist. It’s all based on centos. I any case please stop! I don’t want to waste any more time.

No it’s not. You are wrong about Zimbra because I know. I built it for Rocky, I edited the appropriate files so that it would build for Rocky Linux. I don’t need to search your posts. I’ve been building Zimbra for over 2 years now and Rocky has had a Zimbra version since I built for it in September 2021.

So yeah let’s stop. You have a real attitude problem. You come here asking for help, and treat people like crap in your replies.

I said I won’t waste my time. But I can’t let this Insult pass. The original post was to ask about installing Xpad. Then I found a solution I thought to share it on the forum. You came and used words like blindly and ignorant on the post. I tried to be polite and cordial. The whole thing became a contest. You got me very wrong young man. I tried to be helpful. I don’t like to be judged.

I didn’t use any such words. You were not polite at all in any of your replies to those who tried to help you, including me who didn’t insult. We explained reasons for why it’s not a good idea to use rpms designed for other systems, and all you did was attack us for it. We tried to explain why glibc is a very good example of problems occuring for rpms not working - again all you did was attack us for it thinking we know nothing.