Can I use the Fedora repository to get some software

I added repositories like RPM Fusion and others but I still want some apps that are not in the repositories I currently have. So can I get the Fedora repository to get more apps? I found no article about this and I tried flatpak to install goldendict but it is using much more CPU than it should use.

In theory any app that is in rpm format can be installed on rocky.
BIG BUT… if the binaries inside the rpm (use LDD to check) dont find the right libraries then the binary may not run or crash.
also the rpm may have been built with a list of dependant packages, and if they don’t exist at the required version the rpm may fail to install (can be overridden with --nodeps --force.)
but beware of using those overrides to force the rpm install as it may crap all over your filesystem with incompatible files and cause your current base OS issues.
ideally only use repos that are made for EL{VERSION} which contains much of those extra packages that fedora has, but compiled against the versions of OS you have, and therefore more compatible.
As all Rhel based OS’s are based on conservatively selected package versions that may well seem old, you may not get the latest and greatest package versions for rocky.
to be completely blunt rocky is a server OS it sounds to me that you want fedora.
also remember some rpm’s that can be downloaded are made for mageia/SLES and maybe incompatible with a Rhel clone.

Better is to get a source rpm from say Fedora, and then use mock to build it for Rocky. Or if the package doesn’t exist, request EPEL to add it if you do not wish to build it yourself.

Definitely do not recommend using RPM’s from any other distribution. Packages should be built against the distribution it intends to be used on.

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What is the problem if the flatpak version uses more CPU power? don’t you still have enough power? I wouldn’t worry too much unless your PC really gets unresponsive.

RHEL 8 sprang from Fedora 28, so if you go to the Fedora 28 archives you’ll probably find RPMs built with libraries compatible with Rocky 8. Of course those packages will be several years out of date w.r.t. security updates.

Some bits of Fedora 28 were surely used as a starting point for development that did lead to RHEL 8, but I’d rather start rebuilds with as recent Fedora SRPMs as possible. When you build package for EL8, you make it depend on the libraries that the EL8 actually has – functional on EL8. (Or fail to build, if package requires what EL8 does not have.)