Software store. What a pity for the lack of content

Software store. What a pity for the lack of content
Hope to add more office software. It’s not just the server. Home software is also supported

I’m not sure if there’s a question here or not.

On the assumption that this is a question, I’ll try to answer it.

My personal experience is that in many cases where there’s a piece of software that’s not in the standard repos such as EPEL, it’s possible to download the src rpm from Fedora and compile it yourself.

I just did that yesterday with sdcv, for example, and I’ve done it many times over the years with many other programs.

Sometimes you can just compile the Fedora version as-is, sometimes you have to do a bit of editing and sometimes it’s simply more work than it’s worth, depending on how much you really need that particular software.

But it’s certainly a doable thing in many cases.

On my server. And I don’t need more applications. But when I changed my PC to rocky. This is a problem

Perhaps you could list some of those applications that you have not found for Rocky?

Did you add flathub?

flatpak remote-add --if-not-exists flathub

Good choice. thank you

Hey glad I could help!