XFCE login no longer works with 8.5

I’ve just updated my Lenovo ThinkCentre to Rocky 8.5 and I can’t log in to an XFCE session. Classic and MATE both work. I type in my password in the GDM greeter and the screen blanks, but then the greeter come back. Any suggestions as to where to start looking? Thanks

Hmmm… today I couldn’t log in to a MATE session. Also, my Gnome Classic session is prompting for authentication for several things - changing my own user data, creating a colour profile, refreshing system repositories, creating a colour managed device. Looks like Polkit is screwed. Any relationship to my other login problems?

Okay… this is getting annoying! MATE login started working, and so did XFCE, but they’re both intermittent - sometimes I can, sometime’s I can’t. The Gnome Classic desktop uses the Wayland drivers, dunno about Xfce or MATE.