Cannot Login into Rocky Linux Desktop Wayland

Dear All,
I do a fresh install of Rocky Linux 8 and I could not login into the system by provided password. The error message is cannot make/remove an entry for the specified session. I ensure that i enter the correct password by trying few times but unfortunately it is not success.

I don’t know what happen. Appreciate someone can help me.

Please help as this is urgent issue. A billion thanks for your help.

Have a look here: Gdm does not accept my password after a GNOME installation (Workstation)

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How to set this ?
setsebool -P polyinstantation_enabled 1

How to boot into rescue mode?

Hi @nicholaswkc - perhaps it’s sufficient to launch a terminal session once the user selection/login screen appears:
Use key combination CTRL + ALT + F3. That should switch to a terminal session and maybe allow you to login. If so, remember to prepend sudo for the above setsebool command unless you didn’t login as root.
Once change was done, log out from the terminal session using exit. Then hit CTRL + ALT + F2 to switch back to the GDM session (graphical login screen).
I am not sure if the change applies to already started sessions, so to be on the safe side, don’t login immediately but restart your machine. Hope it works. If not, you might indeed need to run rescue mode but I can’t remember exactly how to do that from grub.

Oh, by the way:
If that error is specific to wayland, you can try also to switch to X11 for logging-in.
In order to cirumvent broken login and get access to your desktop and launch a terminal for the setsebool command.
After startup, first appears the user picker. After you click on your user name, there comes the password screen. THAT screen has a small cog wheel icon (in the lower right part or next to the “login” button). Before entering your password and clicking “login” (or using the ENTER key) click on that icon and select something that has “X11” in it. This will switch from wayland to x. Note that your selection is stored, so unless you don’t use the cog wheel again next time, you will stay with X instead of wayland.

Cheers, Thomas