Gdm does not accept my password after a GNOME installation (Workstation)

I tried to install GNOME (Workstation) twice, and I encounter the same problem. an x86_64 installation is not a problem.

Check keyboard settings when logging on to Gnome, could be set to a different language than you expect.

I have had a similar problem when logging as a normal user after entering the password : “Cannot make/remove an entry for the specfied session” . As root, I can login without this message/problem.
I found a solution for this on the web:

# setsebool -P polyinstantation_enabled 1 

That solved my (security/SELinux) problem!

hi, I think I identified my problem by installing GNOME (Lite Workstation) 8.6.
anaconda requires a password to create a user. but if this password contains characters such as [, they are not taken into account during typing (I use a french keyboard). so I created a simple password that I changed later.