Rocky Linux 9 XRDP use gnome-classic

Hello, we are testing Rocky 9 where I used to use Centos 7. All is looking okay apart from i am having problems making XRDP use gnome-classic desktop environment - it defaults to later gnome desktop. I have trawled through google and have tried various different things but not having any luck. Wondering if anyone else has tried this and found a way to make it work ?

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Update, i have managed to find a way of doing this… i added the following line in /etc/bashrc at the top -:


Restarted xrdp service and i now have the gnome-classic desktop in xrdp.

Would you happen to know if this would work for Mate desktop? The XRDP/Remote Desktop doesn’t show the logon screen to pick an alternate desktop.
Tks, Jeff…

This might not be the best way, but I use ~/.xsession to force XRDP to start an XFCE session. For MATE, you’d want your .xsession contents to be:



dbus-launch mate-session

Note that .xsession needs to be executable.

XRDP also looks for a user controlled window manager script (typically ~/ – look for the UserWindowManager settings in /etc/xrdp/sesman.ini). This may be a better option than ~/.xsession if you also use the GUI locally.

Dude, you rock! The .xsession option works fine. I’m running it on a racked up server in my basement so I don’t need to run on the local machine. Tks for the quick response, I’ve been pulling my hair out trying to figure that out.


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