When will the image for Raspberry Pi available?

is there a schedule or never consider it?

To my knowledge, there is not a current plan for an official Raspberry Pi image, but there is an arm64 installation release candidate you can try using if you have a 64-bit Pi.

Upfront: the following is in no way something close to release, nor am I knowledgeable enough to drive a effort to bring Rocky Linux to a Raspberry PI, just replicated the work of Pablo (pgreco) a very nice member of the CentOS arm-sig.

The upstream 4.18.x kernel won’t boot a RPI or any other Single Board Computer, hence I rebuild a kernel in a rocky linux (mock) chroot from the CentOS sig (pgreco) Which is specially (and only) suited for the Raspberry PI 4.

Created an image using appliance-tools installed from epel-8

This kernel, some extra packages and the configs (mockcfg and the kickstart-file used to create an image) can be found In my little (Rocky Linix) development package repository

This resulted in an image which at least boots on a RPI 4:


Flash it to a SD card with your favorite tool or simply:

xzcat RockyLinux-RPI4-aarch64-DEVEL1-img.raw.xz | sudo dd of=$/path/to/sd/card bs=4M status=progress && sudo sync

Ssh-root login is enabled by default:

User : root
Password: rocky


  • As said no way close to decent: it is just a prove of concept.

  • The image boots the “raspberry” way: the kernel gets directly loaded no initramfs

  • There is no swap partition or file , it uses zram-swap to provide a little bit of swap in (compressed) memory

  • Every body famialir with the raspberry pi’s knows you need some (closed source) early boot binaries (which actually run on the video-core)
    These binaries are packaged in raspberrypi-firmware ; as a consequence the source package of the kernel also contain these binaries. :hushed:
    (Note the are free redistributable just no source code available)

  • Did not install any graphical stuff and doubt accelerated video output will work (if any graphical output…)


Hey everyone, I would also suggest you checkout the Special Interest Group (SIG) for AltArch on Mattermost


thanks for the information.