Rocky 9 Raspberry Pi Image Available

It’s been out for a bit, but our website has made it official!

Rocky Linux 9 for the Raspberry Pi (64-bit, models 3 and 4) is available for download under the Alternative Images page:

Installation should work very much the same as the Rocky 8 image. Have fun, let me know how it works!

It boots normally but the CPU only works at 0.6 GHz on my RPI 4, no matter what frequency I set using config.txt. I remembered on RL8 it worked fine. I assume the CPU is working on powersave mode instead of schedutil🤔

Hi skip77

I could manage to install and run on my RPi4 but it required UEFI firmware.

Is there any chance to make wifi working? Although I see plausible files in /lib/firmware/brcm,

nmcli dev wifi list

shows nothing.