Rocky Linux 9.0 RPI image fail to boot on RPI3 / Workaround


I tried the official Rocky Linux 9.0 SIG image for the Raspberry Pi on my RPI 3 Model B v1.2, but it fails to boot.

During the boot process, the brcmfmac module crashes. Consequently, several services (for example, Security Auditing Service) fail to start, and the system never reaches the login prompt.

Workaround: Disable loading the brcmfmac wifi driver:
After you copied the image to the SD card:

  1. Mount the root partition, for example:
    # mount /dev/sda3 /mnt/
  2. Create the /mnt/etc/modprobe.d/01-rpi3-blacklist.conf file with the following content:
    blacklist brcmfmac
  3. Unmount /mnt/:
    # umount /mnt
  4. Boot the SD card in your RPI 3.