What Qemu Version should I select?

If I want use the rocky 9.2 as the server host OS, which Qemu version should i select ?
I see the Qemu 7.2 RPM source code package ? Does this version is the Recommended Version ??

If you do look at “dnf groups” with dnf group list you will probably see “Environment Group” Virtualization Host.
If you look at its details with dnf group info "Virtualization Host" then you should see what “Groups” it includes.
One of them is Virtualization Hypervisor, isn’t it? It in turn includes package qemu-kvm.

Essentially, running dnf group install "Virtualization Host" should install the same packages that selection of “Virtualization Host” at the installer would installed.

While that environment group is described as:

Minimal virtualization host

it might install more packages than one actually needs for actually running VMs.
Nevertheless, that is an “easy start”.

The idea in the use of Enterprise Linux (EL) is to not cherry-pick versions. The EL offers something and that is it. The above virtualization (libvirtd/KVM) is “in the box”. It may not have all the fancy features that some other hypervisors offers, but IME it is enough for a host or two.

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Hi Jlehtone, thanks for your quickly replay.

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