Rocky Linux KVM

Hello all,
I’m interested in installing kvm on rocky linux, does anyone have any feedback on that topic?
Can we get Rocky support on that matter?

@cberbery I am working on a Doc for setting up KVM on Rocky Linux on enterprise hosts, but it will be some time before it is completed. It is pretty straight forward to set it up, unless you need certain specific features like pass-thru for gpu/cpu etc. Is your use case on enterprise hardware in production, or commodity desktop hardware for home usage?

Rocky has libvirtd/KVM packages and repo metadata defines some “groups” of them
for convenience. See: dnf group list and dnf group list --hidden | grep -i virt

is there a way to migrate online a vm from a storage to another storage on the same host?

No, if you are migrating between two different storage systems, then the VM needs to be turned off.

Live migration, is for moving a VM from one host to another, whilst having a shared storage system between those two servers, eg: Ceph, NFS, GlusterFS for example. Live migration cannot be done between two different storage systems, and means downtime is required.