Will virt stream, advanced-virtualization come to Rocky Linux

I have been waiting for the release of Rocky Linux so that I could use it on my oVirt virtualization platform (see https://ovirt.org). I’ve been using this wonderful system for years but have been unable to upgrade to the latest version because it requires either RHEL8 , CentOS 8, or CentOS Stream. I was waiting for Rocky Linux to be released to handle this. When Rocky was released, I found I couldn’t install oVirt with it because an oVirt Developer says that Rocky doesn’t support the virt stream-advanced-virtualization (providing libvirt 7.0.0 and qemu-kvm 5.2.0) which is required. Do I just need to wait patiently for this to get added? It would really fill a huge hole and allow people to continue to use oVirt from a more stable platform. Once CentOS is no longer what it once was, oVirt team will only support RHEL and CentOS Stream, and I choose not to run my virtualization platform with CentOS Stream.

Thanks, and I just wanted to express my gratitude for the Rocky Linux team in this incredible endeavour.


Hello Rocky Linux team!

Hello Jason!

First, I sincerely want to thank you for releasing Rocky and for all the efforts you have been making so far in order to replace CentOS8.

I have been using oVirt for about 7 years now both for personal needs and work. Whenever somebody asks me what it is, I answer that it is “like vSphere but for Linux QEMU/KVM hypervisors” :slight_smile: because many times people really don’t know what it is and when I say this they immediately have an idea. I would warmly recommend it to everyone (not perfect but has lots of enterprise features).

I am in exactly the same situation as Jason. Basically, I am renewing my home lab with a new rack and new server chassis and I want to replace the underlying CentOS8-based hypervisors with Rocky Linux. I was about to start conversion but then I saw the post that Jason posted on oVirt site and here on this forum.

That being said I am not in any position to ask/demand Rocky team to create packages needed in advanced-virtualization repo but I would be really grateful if you can kindly let us know if you are planning to do it? That would help me to decide to which alternative I can focus on (Proxmox, virt-manager/virsh or even Openstack) in case the team is not planning to create these packages. Proxmox is the closest (in terms of GUI, etc.) but it uses a proprietary wrapper to interact with QEMU (instead of libvirt) and I would rather stick with something open-source. Also, I am aware of Xen-based solutions but I would rather stick with QEMU/KVM as well.

Thank you in advance.

Kind regards,

Hello Rocky Linux Team,

Thank you so much for you engagement about free software and
the continuity of availability of this Operating system.

I am in the same case as Jason and Branimir.
I think a lot of Sysadmins are in this situation.

How can I help you and help us in the same time ?

Best regards.