Rocky 8.6 host, Rocky 9.0 guest?

Using libvirt on a Rocky 8.6 host, and installing Rocky 9.0 as a guest, what are the implications in terms of kernel capabilities? Can Rocky 8.6 somehow provide everything needed for Rocky 9.0? If so, are there any limitations, like running RHEL 9 inside a RHEL 5 server?

EL 9 requires features like SSE4.2 from the CPU. I don’t think that virtualization can emulate them on system, where CPU does not have them.

I can see a cpu flag on the host saying ‘sse4_2’.

I have a Debian KVM and Rocky 9 VM running on it. My host CPU also has the sse4* flags, and when you create a VM it passes them through from the host to the VM. Works fine, so you shouldn’t have any issues.

I expect attempting to create it on hardware that doesn’t have the sse4* flags will not allow it to work.