Web Cockpit Console has a problem creating a new VM in V9.1

I use Rocky Linux + web cockpit console to manage Rock Linux servers since version 8 and like it. Version 9.0 is great. However, I found that the version 9.1 web console (cockpit) has problems displaying when creating a new VM.
Please see the screenshot:

I tried different browsers (FF, Chrome, Edge), and all have the same issue. Version 9.0 is working fine.
V9.0 has a whole screen and a vertical scale bar. V9.1 doesn’t have the whole screen (it looks like it was covered by some layer) and without the vertical scale bar.
I have to create a VM from a server (v9.0) and then export the VM to the host(v9.1). I don’t see others report this issue or post the solution yet. Can someone tell me what to o it?