Improve resolution for graphical guest systems with KVM/libvirt?


Some time ago I moved away from VirtualBox to KVM/libvirt on my workstation and my laptop. I’m basically a happy camper here, and glad to be rid of VirtualBox’ quirks and idiosyncrasies.

One thing is nagging me though. I can’t have a better graphical resolution than 1024x768 on my guest systems. Usually this does the thing, because I’m mostly using this to test some configurations.

But now I have something where a better resolution would be very nice. Something like 1680x1050, which is the resolution on one of my two monitors.

Any idea if this is feasible ?

I have 1920x1080 in Rocky 9 at least, haven’t got a Rocky 8 desktop to check, but I’m pretty sure it’s possible. It’s running on KVM/libvirtd as well. Didn’t do anything special.

I may remember with Rocky 8 that it reset when I rebooted so I had to configure it again once I’d logged in. I somehow remember googling something on this, I believe it could be related to wayland.

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