[RESOLVED] Rocky Linux - Blank Screen on VMware ESXI 7


I’ve built and created a vanilla Rocky Linux 8.8 on ESXI 7.0 U2, the VM operates normally, I was able to update it and open-vm* packages are all setup.

Once I logoff and the VM goes idle, the login screen blanks out as expected, however if I try to access the VM through an HTML5 console view, the login screen is dark and I am unable to login as a result.

I tried removing the open-vm* packages and reloading them after a reboot to no avail.

I do not have any advanced GPUs assigned to it either.

Please advise.

So I was messing with the HTML5 console window, I drag it around by mistake and the window resized, lo-and-behold, I can see the login screen.

So it seems to be a resolution problem or the browser…

If someone has a more permanent solution, do chime in…

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