Rocky-8.5 hangs after inactivity

Hi, I am running Rocky-8.5 in a VM in VirtualBox inside Windows 10. After some inactivity, when I log back into rocky, it doesn’t responds (login screen works fine for entering password) and I have to restart the VM. I am newbie and apologize if it’s a dumb question.

  • You log out of the user session and then when you return and log back in the login works but your desktop session never appears?

  • You leave your desktop session running and when you return to it later on the session is locked up?

  • There’s a screensaver running and the screensaver refuses to exit after a period of inactivity?

Rocky isn’t dead since you can log in again so there’s obviously something else going on.

  • I leave the session running and when I re-open, there is log-in screen. I enter password and desktop appears with all the same programs that were opened before inactivity.
  • Then neither mouse works nor keyboard till I Power off the VM.

Something is causing your desktop to crash and return to the login screen.

Start the process of elimination by leaving only certain of the programs that you normally leave running active and see what happens.

Thanks, I’ll check this out!

Seems like it’s ok now after updating the VirtualBox to latest version.