Rocky linux 8.5 blinking

i have installed Rocky Linux 8.5 on my thinkpad E470 installation gone smoothly but right after the boot displaying is blinking while OK strings in background it take sometime to 2-6 times after that it logs to the session and everything working well.

Can someone here please help me how to fix it and same thing happened in centos 7 redhat 8.5 all have gone same problem for me and i have updated everything including kernel

please help me am a beginner in Linux so things are pretty hard for me

am attach a video gif please check that out

Yep. Been there, done that. It’s “Trivia Question Time”!!

“You Satreddyg, do you want to play?” "OK Let’s Play:

What is the CPU you have in that puppy? More importantly, how much RAM do you have in there?

Next Question: If and when it comes up are you able to say bring up say some website – say Hotmail – and go surfing now ("…everyones leaning how, come on a safari with me")? Or does it load but you can’t you get into anything?

Next Question: What is the GUI that you are running? Is it GNOME, KDE, or something else?

Next Question: What is the normal Display Resolution (if it is running right) and what is the Display Resolution that comes up?

Next Question: Is your Graphics card (or built in Graphics) Nvidia or Radeon? What is the exact driver that is needed?

Next Question: Are you running Wayland (and the boys) or X11?

Final Question: IF you are able to get to the login page when you enter your super secret Password and you hit Enter does it look like it is going to load yet it throws you back back into a Login Loop; or IF you can login the second you your home page just simply hangs – no keyboard, no mouse, no nothing?

Those questions while presented in a glib fashion are SERIOUS questions. I have a vague idea what your problem is as I faced it myself. Depending on your answers I may know how to solve it.

D’ Cat