Unable to start os

I installed Rocky 8.9.
After installation, rocky doesn’t start properly.

Can I get some idea to solve this problem?

I attatched a picture which contains error messages.

One thing I would try is to boot to text mode.

On GRUB menu do edit kernel command-line parameters of entry before boot.
Append: systemd.unit=multi-user.target to list of parameters.

When you then log into console (which should be possible as it does not start Gnome/XWayland) you can read log files from /var/log/. Perhaps something there explains why the XWayland stalls.

One can also set the system to boot to text mode by default: systemctl set-default multi-user.target

Furthermore, one can start the gnome from text mode: systemctl isolate graphical.target

Now you have a check-list:

  • Can get into text mode? Yes/No
  • Can see something in logs? Yes/No
  • Can start GUI from text mode? Yes/No
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