Unable to boot OS

I’m unable to successfully boot into my remote rocky linux environment. I’m sharing a screenshot of where its stuck. I do have access via the web GUI. If someone has seen this and can share some useful tips or knowledge, that would be super!


Are you able to login in on the console?

Regards Tom.

Hi Tom,

Yes, I am. I can reach all settings and terminal from the console. Not sure what commands to try in order to get it to boot normally.


It is booted. What access are you after ssh, desktop or something else:-

From looking at the screenshot, I’m guessing the network wasn’t configured during the install. You should be able to this via the nmtui command.

You should then be able to ssh in.

If you want desktop, once the network is setup:-

If you want something else, can you please provide detail about the setup you are trying to achieve?

Regards Tom.

Hi Tom,

From the web UI, I see a service failed to start

when I cat the file in terminal, I see this

Description=Hardware RNG Entropy Gatherer Daemon

# The "-f" option is required for the systemd service rngd to work with Type=simple
ExecStart=/usr/sbin/rngd -f $RNGD_ARGS



This is normal:- 892178 – rngd.service should behave more elegantly in the case where no hardware RNG is present

Are you trying to use rockylinux as server or a desktop?

Regards Tom.

its a server in a Vcenter cluster; thank you for sharing that last post, worked! I’m back in.

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Seems like you used a smaller ISO, or didn’t select the right software selection.

If you want a GUI, run sudo dnf groupinstall "Server with GUI"