Installing a GUI Desktop Environment for Rocky Linux (RPI)

Hi, in following these instructions Rocky Linux on Raspberry Pi I’m still not able to get the GUI working. I keep getting the login prompt, is these instructions still valid and if not where is an updated version you can link me too?

If you’re seeing the login prompt then your next step should be to enter your username and password and try logging in.

After that, see what happens when you type startx

Hi, thank for the reply, I get this;

[rocky@pi4fcam ~]$ startx
-bash: startx: command not found

So this mean I’m missing additional preferences?

I don’t use Rocky on Raspberry pi but xorg-x11-xinit is what provides the startx command on “regular” Rocky so I suspect you’re missing at least that.

The instructions are telling you to use epel, and then xfce, but then at the end if says if you want xfce instead of gnome…

I do have a question. Now that Wayland exists, is X11 (and with that, startx) necessarily installed? What display server would be used on a raspberry by default, Wayland or X11?

More on that: I’ve got the impression that ‘startx’ is deprecated. (I have not used ‘startx’ in a decade or so.)

sudo systemctl isolate
is the command to shift to what is roughly equivalent to “runlevel 5”.
If one wants to go ta that target on boot, then: sudo systemctl set-default

Shutting down the GUI subsystems, “return to 3” is with sudo systemctl isolate

The starts displaymanager (RHEL has gdm) and dm offers the “login dialog” and starts (Wayland or X11) user session.
What baffles me is: who draws the login dialog?

in gdm.conf there is

# Uncomment the line below to force the login screen to use Xorg

I would think by default it’s Wayland.