Unable to install Rocky 8.4 dvd1.iso

I have looked up multiple similar threads to my issue, but none of the answers given were the solution to my problem.

I am trying to install Rocky 8.4 on Dell servers. I do not have external network access through out the installation so I downloaded the dvd1.iso and made a bootable USB via rufus. However, upon booting into the installation GUI, it just simply says “error setting up base repository”. I went into installation source and the only thing I can do is to choose an ISO, but in this case, there were no ISO to choose from.

Now I have already installed this without any issues on VMware so I know that the copy of this ISO does not have any issues. On VMware the installation is very straight forward, I don’t even need to select installation source as it was auto detected.

Right now my current work around is installing Rocky via iDRAC, but it is extremely slow and inefficient. The system is still installing as I’m write this thread.

Does anyone have experience on this? I really need a working USB as there are 20 more servers in queue that needs 8.4 installed.

Hi, see this post as someone had similar problems like you:

Looks like this post slipped through the cracks. It works now. Thanks for the link!

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