Unable to find IcedTea-web for Rocky 9


i can’t find icetea-web for rocky linux 9 and i need it. Can you advise me?

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RHEL 8 has icedtea-web 1.8.8. Recent Fedora has icedtea-web 2.0.
A logical thing to try is to get source RPM from Fedora and rebuild with ‘mock’ for Rocky 9.

Is there any reference from RedHat that it ever existed in RHEL8 or that they removed it in RHEL9?

Not easy to find, at least. The IcedTea - Wikipedia reveals that removal of Java Web Start after JDK 9 is a likely influencer.

Yes, that’s why I was asking. They are supposed to list packages that have been removed in the release notes, but I don’t remember seeing this one.

Red Hat explains here Alternatives for Java Web Start deprecation on OpenJDK 9 / OpenJDK 11 - Red Hat Customer Portal, the reason why icedtea-web is not present on RHEL 9.