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Does anyone know what the latest versions of Python, OpenSSH, and OpenSSL compatible with RL 8 are? Specifically looking to see if Python 3.11.5, OpenSSH 9.6p1, and OpenSSL 3.0.14 will work with 8.

Attempting to try to do any of that you will most likely break the system, since Rocky 9 relies on the versions of python it ships with as the default. A lot of packages relying on the older version of OpenSSL would require rebuilding possibly even the entire distro.

I’d forget about even trying it. Upgrade your system to Rocky 9 that has OpenSSL 3, later python, etc.

I was holding out hope that they might get backported but so much for that.

Some packages do get backported, others that require way too much work do not. Glibc is a great example for that in that it will never change for the entire life of the distro. OpenSSL and Python system defaults also.

Rocky has what RHEL has. What RHEL has is packages based on something chosen by Red Hat, and then possibly modified by backports (by RH). For some subsystems there are application streams – alternative versions. See Red Hat Enterprise Linux Application Streams Life Cycle - Red Hat Customer Portal

The application streams do not replace core elements of the distro.

The RHEL 8 and Rocky 8 do have “platform Python” that many tools do depend on. That is version 3.6
One can now install Python 3.12 stream for user applications, but that will not replace the 3.6 installation.

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(Historical) note on that. RHEL 9 (and hence Rocky 9) was the first Red Hat’s distro with OpenSSL 3. A lot of RHEL content is cherry-picked from Fedora, but the timing with OpenSSL 3 was such that all packages depending on OpenSSL were rather converted to use 3 in development branch for RHEL 9 than wait for them show up (an be tested) in Fedora first.

Due to the nature of OpenSSL one does not simply mess with it.