Things in v8 that were removed in v9?

I’m trying to get a list of things that existed in v8, but were removed in v9 without being listed in the v9 release notes.
From the Rocky forums, I only know about


there was also a long list of drivers related to TV tuner cards, which I already have.
Any others?

Hi @gerry666uk !

There is a list of all removed packages in the RHEL 9.0 release notes / docs

But the easiest to find if something is available is to look at, where you will not only find the 1st party repos but also the 3rd parties.

Tbh, I don’t see it on the deprecation list, but also don’t it somewhere in EL9…
Furthermore it looks like the package was deprecated from Fedora as well (last version in 35),
which might make it hard to get it in EPEL.

This is maybe even the reason that it’s not in 9, because they didn’t find someone to maintain it and it was not critical enough.

I looked down the list referenced in the RHEL 9.0 release notes for packages removed. Goodbye NIS, Spice. It looks like they are purging older version support for things like GTK2, Java support. Some look like they might be consolidating traditional support packages but not sure here since there are no notes to that effect.

Having used Fedora at home and RHEL server and desktop in the enterprise for decades, I did a desktop install of Rocky 9 on a mini PC. I was taken back at how basic desktop apps that were available before were either missing or too difficult to just compile. I finally gave up and installed Ubuntu 22.04 LTS. I’m not a Debian fan, but has been easier to utilize their ecosystem than with the RHEL/EPEL. I’m not thrilled with Snap due to its apparent hardcoding for /home as the root directory for any user’s home directory (an acknowledged shortcoming but never addressed). Flatpack is an alternative but I’m not thrilled with using alternative ecosystems for desktop apps, having yet another system to administrate.