RHN Tools no longer in Rocky Linux 9?

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We are in the process of deciding our future path now that we have determined that CentOS is not headed the direction that works for us. I am pushing for Rocky Linux, but we are heavily vested in the Spacewalk environment mgmt system (yes… I know it was EOL’ed a while ago). My issue is that the rhn tools needed for Spacewalk integration seem have been removed from Rocky 9. They were in the Rocky 8 AppStream repo, but not Rocky 9.

Does anyone know if they might be added back in, or have we lost those packages for good in Rocky?



Spacewalk became SUSE Manager for the paid version, or Uyuni if you like for the open-source version: Uyuni - Stable Version

You’ll see even here that they don’t have EL9 tools, but I would check that page regularly, or speak with the Uyuni team to find out when those client tools will become available. The link to the tools here: Index of /repositories/systemsmanagement:/Uyuni:/Stable:

Rocky only has the packages as per 1:1 with RHEL, so if RH deprecated them, then they are also deprecated for Rocky and other derivatives. That said, either Uyuni, or EPEL for example could make them available.


Here will potentially be the EL9 ones: Index of /repositories/systemsmanagement:/Uyuni:/Master: so not introduced to stable yet. So if everything isn’t yet released here yet, it should be soon under the EL9 client tools.

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To add to @iwalker 's message,
yes it took some while until they could build the EL9 salt-mininion bundle, but it should be finally there for the next Uyuni release. (with all the tweaks to Uyuni itself)
The version in the master already works for me as expected, as I started testing on that.

I’m not sure if there will be a 2022.09 build, but I doubt as it’s already the 30th.
But definitely the next build will be ready (I made sure it will be)

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@lumarel This is great news :slight_smile:

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