Rocky 8 missing `mecab-devel` rpm package

Hello guys, The Rocky 8 AppStream and Devel repositories are missing the mecab-devel rpm package. I tried to build the package myself from source, just for testing, but mock and modular filtering didn’t let me. It’s been a while since I used mock and apparently there’s been a lot of changes around that.

So, what is the correct procedure to get the Rocky 8.6 repo fixed?



They seem to be missing from RHEL repos as well, so if Red Hat doesn’t have it, then Rocky doesn’t either by default.

If anywhere, it would appear in devel repository, but would require someone to actually maintain that.

Since it appears in Fedora here: would be best to request EPEL to provide it.

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Thanks… I will check with both RHEL and EPEL.

That said, Rocky 9 does have mecab-devel in the devel repository, but obviously that doesn’t solve your problem for Rocky 8.x - unless of course you can consider using Rocky 9 instead. In which case would save making requests for EPEL to provide a package for EL8.

Unfortunately I need a migration from el7 to Rocky 8 before moving forward to Rocky 9, so, I need this package to be available.

You would need to obtain the mecab-devel package from our koji if you need it for now. The reason is because it built as a part of a module and not shipped (it is excluded) in Rocky Linux 8. Since it’s a module package, you won’t see it in devel either.

In 8.7 (next month), we will try to provide the “devel” modules in the devel repository, but it will be best effort only.