Installing Zeek on Rocky 9 - missing packages

Hi I doing some initial development for a network sensor that includes the Zeek application. Trying to install some required packages. These two are apparently not in the default repos. Could anyone help me sort this out?

No match for argument: libpcap-devel
No match for argument: swig

Using Rocky 9.1 minimal install and default repos. I have been searching and have not run across someone else trying to install these packages or resolving it yet. I did find a RedHat 8 post that indicated the libpcap-devel is in a development repo, but I could tell which one.

I also see the package referenced here on but I don’t know if that a legit site and would rather find the correct official repo to add to install the packages.

  1. [Rocky Linux 9]
  2. Rocky Linux CRB x86_64
  3. libpcap-devel-1.10.0-4.el9.i686.rpm

Thanks for any assistance.


CRB is the replacement repository for powertools so it is a legitimate repo.

Thanks! I continued looking and found this command to enable CRB and the 2 packages did install correctly.

dnf config-manager --set-enabled crb

Thanks for the assistance!


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