System recovery error message after logging in


I switched my computer off yesterday and when I returned today, I receive an error message after the login screen.

It is a screen with a sad face that says: “Oh no! Something has gone wrong. A problem has occurred and the system can’t recover. Please log out and try again.”

The first thing I tried was updating the system through the TTY3 (Ctrl + Alt + F3). No luck there.

I don’t remember interrupting any update so I am not sure why I am running into this error. Could it be the nvidia drivers by any chance? (When I installed Rocky, I was facing a few issues and had to install it using nomodeset)

Have a good day!

I think it means the GUI can’t continue, but the o/s might be running in the background. Using keys like CTRL+ALT+Fn, you might be able to get to the console and check logs etc.

You can also try switching between X11 and Wayland on the gdm screen where you enter the password.

You could also set ‘’ as the systemd target, allowing you to boot into text mode, and find out what’s wrong with the GUI.

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I have the same problem.

I’m using xfce now, cause gnome or kde dont work more after of 9.4 upgrade.

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Thank you for your response. I came across this tutorial. Does that cover the procedure to make the switch from gnome to xfce?

Thank you.

PS: I have not backed up my data. How can I ensure that I don’t lose it?

Really got to love this part.

The only way to ensure you don’t lose your data is to back it up before doing anything else.

If you value that data, you need to stop doing whatever you’re doing and purchase or borrow a drive from someone that will hold your drive contents (or at least the important stuff) and make a duplicate and remove the backup from the computer before continuing so you don’t accidentally delete that too.

If you need help with this, you should search the forums or the internet, and if you get stuck, come back and make a new topic for help with that.

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Yes. I was just wondering if it affects any of the data and if it was really necessary to create a backup. However, I agree that it is always good to back the data up since if it is important. Thank you for your help.

I will make a new topic if I need help.

Have a good day!

Yeah! Your initial error/complaint can sometimes (not always of course) be the result of a hard drive starting to die. In this case because of the error it seems very prudent to make a backup asap and first.

When you have a suitable backup, then you can try checking/resetting your display configuration and maybe redo your grub from the terminal or something to see what’s up. alternatively you might want to try booting from a live image to see if you can troubleshoot / chroot / fix it from there.