Supported Control Panels

Which control panels works on Rocky. Like CPanel, Plesk, DirectAdmin etc.

cPanel should work on rocky as its supposed to be compatible with CentOS 8 but they did come out and officially support AlmaLinux

Given that Alma was initially founded by cloudlinux that makes sense. So while it should work it will be fully unsupported by cPanel. Looking through their forum they seem pretty committed to alma as well. Seems like plesk may be supporting alma as well as CentminMod.

Its a shame as I am on the rocky linux bandwagon but it seems that many web hosting companies are backing alma out of the gate over rocky.


Cpanel has now changed rocky support to planned. No Cpanel release mentioned, but I suspect it will come after ubuntu support is finished (which is a shame); so expect it will after release 102.

I’ve only tested with CPANEL DNS-ONLY, but installing Cpanel on Centos 8 and then migrating to Rocky; worked fine for me.

Regards Tom.

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Interesting. I hadnt seen that. I mean it makes sense, the differences between alma and rocky should only really be graphics and naming at least from an OS perspective. They definitely seem to be 100% behind alma though with rocky being a “sure, we’ll mention and test for compatibility”

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AApanel is nice for me.

DirectAdmin works fine on Rocky. ApisCP also works great on Rocky.