WHM CentOs -> Rocky upgrade failure

I’ve tried to run the cPanel cPanel elevate documentation elevate project to move off of CentOS and onto Rocky (As recommended by a devops friend), and it’s all gone wrong :frowning:
Well I say all gone wrong, it’s won’t boot and I’m stuck in the grub rescue. I’ve done a lot of google, and tried a lot of paths, but everytime I run insmod normal I just get a symbol grub_real_boot_time not found
I can boot into a rescue system and mount everything - I’ve tried creating boot.cfg again etc. everything seems right… at a loss as to what to do now :frowning:
To make matters worse I can’t even login to the cpanel forums as it’s asking for email verification which I can’t get as it’s on that server!
Love some help/pointers

Rocky does not support in-place conversion into different distro. (The sidegrade between EL8 distros is a special exception.)

The ELevate is from AlmaLinux project, so you should ask from them (and from cPanel – if you could). Well, maybe not so much “ask” than report how the procedure can still “go wrong”.

As jlehtone said, the Rocky project doesn’t really endorse upgrading between major versions. ELevate is very great for what it does, but there are too many cases where this sort of thing can happen. cPanel adds even more complexity, as you see here.

Your options are limited here. In the rescue environment, you can bind-mount /sys , /proc, and /dev into the sysroot. Then chroot into there for a root shell. If you’re familiar with how to do this, I’d examine a few things. Answer questions like: "Do you still have .el7 rpms on the system? (Indicates a botched upgrade) Does grub2 need to be reinstalled to the boot drive? And more. You may be able to get the system booting again with some knowledge of the internals.

The real answer, imho, is to have your data backed up (it is, isn’t it?) and do the Rocky (and I guess cpanel) install from scratch. Then restore your data to the new system. While you’re at it, create a good written procedure and/or scripting + automation to do this. It’s the automation/dev-ops mindset, and it will pay huge dividends down the road!

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